Evidence that no one is a prophet in his own land

For the first time, this Colombian artist is showing in his own country 45 of his small-size works.

For Alejandro Fischer Cárdenas, being an artist in something genetic-he was born in Bogotá, in 1971, in a family of artists, and has been drawing from the age of three.

He studied at the Lycée Français in the capital and then decided to travel to the United States to follow a career in Fine Arts in Boston.

“It was an easy task for me to decide my future as an artist from a very young age,” says Fischer, who is showing a series of painting at the Deimos Gallery.

His specialty is drawing and painting, but he has been exploring various techniques since 1995. This is why he uses soldering, sculpture, wood and oil on canvas, among other materials.
His specialties are portraiture, landscapes, and nudes. And for his first show in Colombia he has brought several of his works.

Regarding new art, he feels it often falls into mediocrity. “One has to be more careful. I’m a firm believer in techniques. Techniques cannot die. It’s like language and words: you need to know them very well, and not many people realize that,” he says.

After his visit to Bogotá, Fischer will show his paintings in a collective art show in December in the United States. He is living in Boston now, with his wife and daughter, and he confesses that they are both a source of inspiration, as is his homeland, Colombia.

“You can see the influence of this country in my painting-the contrasts of the city, the light, the sun. It all comes through in the paintings. My roots are here, and I don’t want to lose my connection to Colombia. That’s why I’ve come back,” he adds.

Taken from newspaper El Tiempo, November 20, 2003